About Us

What is the prosocial project?

We are the prosocial project, a group of Dalhousie students who have taken the opportunity to design and implement student-led initiatives that reduce harm and improve mental health outcomes for all Dalhousie students. Our mission is to promote a prosocial environment at Dalhousie University with the goals of improving student mental health and reducing the harms caused by substance use.

It's time for students to play a more active role in creating the campus environment we want. Help us:

  • Empower students to make proactive decisions related to substance use and mental health
  • Encourage a prosocial environment that strengthens connections among students
  • promote a healthy, compassionate, and informed campus culture
  • Improve campus-wide accessibility to and awareness of student wellness resources
Dalhousie, let’s get prosocial! BE A pro!

Want to get involved?

We're always looking for more pro's to get involved. We have big plans for this year and could use all the pros we can get. Please contact us to learn more.

Dr.Sherry Stewart with The Alcohol Research Lab, and Dr. Micheal Teehan are the Dalhousie faculty who help the PROsocial Project with data gathering of student mental health and substance use trends on campus. If you are interested in research they would be happy to hear from you!